Professional Certificate in Disaster Risk Reduction

Day One 


09:00   Registration and Refreshments

09:45   Chair and Delegate’s Introductions

            Chair’s look ahead to the week

            Delegates’ introductions, objectives and organisational challenges

10:15   DRR concepts and terminology

            Key Elements of DRR

            Conceptual Frameworks

            Trends in Hazards and Risks 

11:30   Morning Coffee

11:45   A People-centred approach to DRR

            How do people perceive and think about disaster risk?

            What is the significance of culture in risk and behaviour?

12:45   Lunch

13:30   A People-centred approach to DRR Continued

14:30   Afternoon Tea

14:45   The Disaster 'cycle' and risk reduction





            Cascading disasters and secondary impacts

16:15   End of Day Wrap Up and Questions

16:30   Close


Day Two


09:30   Registration and Refreshments

09:45   Chair’s Introduction and Delegates’ Recap

10:00   Climate Change and DRR

            Introduction to the science of global warming

            Impact of climate change - four types

            Links with adaptation to climate change

11:00   Morning Coffee

11:15   Climate Change and DRR Continued

12:15   Lunch

13:00    Hazard Mitigation Measures

            Structural and non-structural

            Hazard mapping and zoning

            Problems with moving to safety

            Building codes and problems of implementation

            Public awareness and culture

14:30   Afternoon Tea

14:45   Early warning systems 

            Different forms of warnings

            Effectiveness and conditions for success

16:00   End of Day Wrap Up and Questions

16:30   Close


Day Three


09:30   Registration and Refreshments

09:45   Risk Assessment and Management

            Risk categories

            Risk Management

            Group Exercise
10.45   Morning Coffee

11:00   Raising risk awareness

            Who, what, why, how, when, where?

            Awareness campaigns

            Local methodologies

            Media role

12:00   Lunch

12:45   Planning and Operations

            International humanitarian relief system

            Complex emergencies

13:45   Afternoon Tea

14:00   Monitoring and Evaluation of DRR Strategies and Disaster Management

15:15   Risk and Disaster Planning

Case Studies

16:30   End of the Day Wrap up and close   


Day Four


09:30   Registration and Refreshments

09:45   Chair’s Introduction and Recap

10.00   Humanitarian Aid and Logistics

            Procurement, storage, transport

            Logistics of relief and supply chain management

            Management techniques

            Case Studies

11:00   Morning coffee

11:15   Stakeholder Management

            International and national actors

            Local government

            NGOs and grassroots

            Working with multiple stakeholders

12:00   Lunch

13:00   Chartered Management Institute Overview

            Structuring a written piece of work for assessment – Generic overview and principles 

            Structuring these two specific pieces of work to demonstrate all the assessment criteria

14:00   Afternoon Tea

14:15   Planning for Change and Presentation Preparation

            Action planning

            Next steps

            reparations for presentations

15:15   Close



Day Five


09:30   Registration and Refreshments

  Chair’s Introduction and Recap

10.00   Gender and special needs groups in DRR

            How does gender, disability, age affect the impacts of hazards

            Gender, culture and risk

            Mobility and risk - children, the disabled, and the elderly

11:00   Morning Coffee

11:15   Policy Frameworks

            International institution in DRR

            Sendai and Hyogo frameworks

            Lessons from past approaches

            UN agencies and integration with development and climate change

12:15   End of Week Discussion and Certificate Presentation

13.00    Lunch and Close