Why attend?

How will I benefit?
  • develop your core professional capabilities and competencies in the field of disaster risk reduction
  • undertake training specifically related to Disaster Risk Reduction that offers professional accreditation
  • develop your career prospects and improve your CV with an accredited qualification from the CMI
How will my employer benefit?
  • Value for money - investing in training that comes with professional recognition
  • Return on investment – demonstrably better quality outcomes through an up-skilled workforce
  • More proficient management and leadership within the organisation, with associated benefits of improved service delivery and greater productivity
  • Improved morale of employees, leading to reduced staff turnover, greater stability, and less need to spend money on externally recruiting new managers and leaders
  • Skills you learn are immediately applicable in the workplace, because of our tailor-made approach
  • Quality assured – through the CMI’s tried and tested best practice management techniques
What is involved?
To obtain the CMI Professional Certificate in Management and Leadership you will complete one week’s training on these subjects, followed by two written tasks to be completed by you after the duration of the course. Upon completion of this week-long course and subsequent written tasks, the successful candidate will be awarded a Level 7 CMI certificate in Management & Leadership showing the CMI units achieved. In addition, the successful candidate will receive a transcript from the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies certifying the specialisation in Disaster Risk Reduction.
What level is it taught at?
It is taught at CMI Level 7, which for comparison purposes equates to Master’s Degree level and above.
How much does it cost?
Certificate: £2950

This covers all tuition, materials, assessments, and membership of the CMI from the beginning of the course until you complete your written tasks.