Professional Certificate in Disaster Risk Reduction

Day One 


09:00   Registration and Refreshments

09:45   Chair and Delegate’s Introductions

            Chair’s look ahead to the week

            Delegates’ introductions, objectives and organisational challenges

10:15   DRR concepts and terminology

            Key Elements of DRR

            History of DRR Frameworks

            Trends in Hazards and Risks

11:30   Morning Coffee

11:45   A People-centred approach to DRR

            How do people perceive and think about disaster risk?

12:45   Lunch

13:30   A People-centred approach to DRR Continued

            What is the significance of culture in risk and behaviour?

14:30   Afternoon Tea

14:45   The Disaster 'cycle' and risk reduction





16:15   End of Day Wrap Up and Questions

16:30   Close


Day Two


09:30   Registration and Refreshments

09:45   Chair’s Introduction and Delegates’ Recap

10:00   Climate Change and DRR

            Introduction to the science of global warming

            Impact of climate change

11:00   Morning Coffee

11:15   Climate Change and DRR Continued

            DRR and adaptation to climate change

12:15   Lunch

13:00    Hazard Mitigation Measures

            Structural and non-structural

            Hazard mapping and zoning

            Evacuation strategies

            Building codes and problems of implementation  

14:30   Afternoon Tea

14:45   Early warning systems 

            Different forms of warnings

            Effectiveness and conditions for success

16:00   End of Day Wrap Up and Questions

16:30   Close


Day Three


09:30   Registration and Refreshments

09:45   Communication & DRR

            Communication types

            Communication implementation and management

            Group Exercise

10.45   Morning Coffee

11:00   Risk awareness

            The basics

            Building awareness campaigns

            Local, national & international examples

            The role of media

12:00   Lunch

12:45   Cascading disasters

            What is meant by cascading disasters?

            Complex emergencies

            Case studies

13:45   Afternoon Tea

14:00   Monitoring and Evaluation of DRR Strategies and Disaster Management within Sendai

15:15   Risk and Disaster Planning

Case Studies

16:30   End of the Day Wrap up and close


Day Four

9:30   Registration and Refreshments

09:45   Chair’s Introduction and Recap

10.00   Humanitarianism

            Humanitarian principles

            Humanitarian vs. disaster-related emergencies

            Case Studies

 11:00   Morning coffee

11:15   Stakeholder Management

            International and national actors

            Local government

            NGOs and grassroots

            Working with multiple stakeholders

12:00   Lunch

13:00   Chartered Management Institute Overview

            Structuring a written piece of work for assessment – Generic overview and principles 
            Structuring these two specific pieces of work to demonstrate all the assessment criteria

14:00   Afternoon Tea

14:15   Health and DRR

            Health within the Sendai Framework

            Public health

            Cultural considerations in health and disasters

15:15   Close



Day Five


09:30   Registration and Refreshments

09:45   Chair’s Introduction and Recap

10.00   Gender and marginalised groups in DRR

            How does gender, disability, age etc affect the impacts of hazards

            Gender, culture and risk

            Mobility and risk - children, the disabled, and the elderly

11:00   Morning Coffee

11:15   DRR within the broader international development sector

            How DRR links with international development NGO’s and others

            The private sector’s role in DRR

            National and regional governments approach

            UN agencies

12:15   End of Week Discussion and Certificate Presentation

13.00   Lunch and Close